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The Charles A Melton Arts & Education Center

501 E Miner Street

West Chester, PA 19382

The Melton Center Gymnasium

The Melton Center is very proud of its showcase AAU regulation-sized gymnasium.  With beautiful hard-wood floors, and light, airy space, it is the perfect  spot for various community activities.  With a cavernous 8,217 square feet (100' x 84') of usable space & high, vaulted ceilings, the Melton Center Gym is a match for any sport or event. The gym also boasts a wall-to-wall mural by the world renowned artist, Dane Tilghman (See bottom of page for more information on Dane). 


The Melton Center gymnasium is the ideal space to host sports events like basketball, wrestling, and volleyball & is currently home to West Chester area basketball & volleyball leagues (For more information please visit our Programs page).


It has also been utilized for fairs, expos, fashion shows and other community activities that require large, open indoor space. The Gymnasium, can accomodate up to 500 people for Dances. Fitness classes (dance, exercise, etc)  and instructional activities (Art classes love our light!) can all find the perfect home in our gymnasium that is perfectly suited to larger groups of people.


For more information please contact our Rentals Manager at:


Phone:   610-692-9290


Email:   camcinfo@meltoncenter.org

Rental Room
Additional Hour(s)
Security Deposit



All other events

(Gymnasium only)




1 Hour


1 Hour










*  Minimum of 3 hours for non-sports rental. All dances must end by 1:00 A.M.

Dane Tilghman

Premier Painter of the African-American Experience

Dane Tilghman is constantly taking his artwork towards new dimensions; he has gone from realism to incorporating his own interpretations of surrealism and elongation. Over the years, Dane has established himself as one of the premier painters of African American Golf Art and Negro League Baseball images.


Since 1979, Dane has exhibited his artwork throughout the North/South-East at festivals, galleries, trade shows, and conventions. Dane has received numerous awards, including the Medal of Honor in Graphics from the American Artists Professional League. In 1999, a Dane Tilghman baseball image was incorporated into the Baseball Hall of Fame Museum in Cooperstown. Additionally, Dane has created a baseball mural for Turner Stadium in Atlanta and he has displayed his Negro League Baseball Prints at Veteran's Stadium in Philadelphia.


Venues where Dane's art has appeared have not been limited to galleries and sports related events; his artwork has also appeared in Sports Illustrated, on ESPN's website, various scholastic books published by McGraw-Hill, and the Western Journal of Black Studies vol. 16. Dane's work has been seen on popular TV shows, such as "The Cosby Show" and "Roseanne," and articles have appeared on Dane in US Art, Upscale and Black Parenting magazine. In 1989 and 1995, Dane's art was included in an exhibition at the Afro-American Historical and Cultural Museum in Philadelphia. In addition, Dane has exhibited his artwork in solo shows at various universities...including Widener University, West Chester University, The University of Pennsylvania, and the Butler Institute of Fine Art in Youngstown, Ohio. Dane's work has even been presented to various notable individuals, including Dave Winfield, Ozzie Davis, Nelson Mandela, and Bill Cosby. Dane's art is in great demand and is available on various art products: church bulletins, ceramic mugs, church fans, golf apparel, and greeting cards. Dane's philosophy is best described as bringing out the best of the African American Experience.